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Rubber Stamping: General Techniques
For those new to rubber stamping, these books cover basic techniques such as masking, embossing, etc. and introduce you to the materials used.

All You Need to Know about Rubber Stamping; Maggie Wright; Paperback $9.56 (20% off)

The Art of Rubber Stamping: Easy as 1-2-3; Michele Abel; Paperback $13.56 (20% off)
This is a small book but chock-full of information; it starts you off with an overview of the most basic techniques and goes on to an alphabetical compilation of ideas, tips, and tricks.

Artistry With Rubber Stamps; Ellen Eadie; Paperback $12.76 (20% off)
Rubber stamping the Australian way -- the author gives step-by-step instruction on techniques like stamping on clothing, embossing, and positioning; also teaches how to avoid "common rubber stamping pitfalls".

Complete Guide to Rubber Stamping The Complete Guide to Rubber Stamping: Design and Decorate Gifts and Keepsakes Simply and Beautifully with Rubber Stamps; Grace Taormina; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)
An indispensable book, one of the best, and a must-have. Profusely illustrated, the book covers various rubber stamping techniques and includes an overview of art design and composition. Many projects are included to get you started.

Craft Works Rubber Stamping; Paperback $16.95 (value priced)
A beginning book aimed at kids ages 9-12.

Creative Stamping; Tracy Marsh; Paperback $16.95
Nine artists give examples of their best work in stamping on different materials, from "fake Wedgewood" to stamping on cake icing with food coloring, to stamping on silk. 28 projects are explained in short paragraphs with color illustrations.

Discover Rubber Stamping: Learn the Techniques and Effects of the Simple Art of Rubber Stamping; Terri Earl-McEwen, Jennie Hulme; Hardcover $12.98 (value priced)
Comprehensive and practical guide that introduces you to the basic techniques, and contains a variety of projects from greeting cards to party invitations to get you started.

Great Impressions: The Art and Technique of Rubber Stamping; Patricia Garner Berlin; Paperback $19.95
Colorfully-illustrated introduction to stamping from an artist's point of view.

Rubber Stamp Celebrations: Dazzling Projects from Personal Stamp Exchange; Personal Stamp Exchange; Hardcover $17.47 (30% off)
An extensive range of projects using different themes from classicial to botanical is featured in this book.

Simple Stamps & Stencils Style: (The Simple Style Series); Sacha Cohen, Ljiljana Baird; Hardcover $17.47 (30% off)

Stamp Art: The Elegant Art of Rubber Stamping; Sharilyn Miller; Paperback $17.59 (20% off)
New; available June '99

Stamping Made Easy; Nancy Ward; Paperback $13.56 (20% off)
This book shows how to stamp on a variety of surfaces, from fabric to clay to wood to faces, and has extensive appendixes on the materials used and where to find supplies.

The Ultimate Rubber Stamp Technique Book; Gail Green; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)
New; available May '99.
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Rubber Stamping: Advanced Techniques
After you've been stamping for a while, you might like to get involved in more complicated projects.. these books will help you.

Creative Rubber Stamping Techniques; MaryJo McGraw; Paperback $16.09 (30% off)
Several advanced techniques are profiled in this book, including the use of wax seals and bleach to make creative, professional-looking cards.

The Great Rubber Stamp Book The Great Rubber Stamp Book: Designing Making Using; Dee Gruenig; Hardcover $19.57 (30% off)
The Great Rubber Stamp Book: Designing Making Using; Dee Gruenig; Paperback $11.96 (20% off)
Aimed at experienced stampers, this book does not lead you through projects step-by-step but contains many ideas, from watercolor effects to sponging to resist techniques using rubber cement.

New Styles in Stamping: 13 Great New Techniques for Wonderful Cards & Gifts; Patti Haltom; Paperback $6.95 plus surcharge
Step-by-step photos show you how to make creative cards ranging from shaker cards to bag-alopes to explosion cards in this 16-page booklet.

Rubber Stamping Beyond the Basics; Michele Abel; Paperback $13.56 (20% off)
A companion to her The Art of Rubber Stamping, this book contains even more information and ideas; while small in size and easy to carry around, this is a terrific reference source.

Stunning Stamping Techniques: 26 Terrific New Techniques for Rubber Stamping Projects; Dee Gruenig; Paperback $6.95 plus surcharge
Sixteen-page full-color booklet showcasing 26 different innovative rubber stamping techniques.

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Rubber Stamping: Decorating & Projects
You don't have to limit yourself to stamping cards and letters; rubber stamps can be used to decorate everything in your home.

The Complete Guide to Decorative Stamping: Decorate Your Home Simply and Beautifully With Your Own Easy-To-Make Stamp Designs; Grace Taormina; Paperback $19.96 (20% off)
The author shows you how to decorate walls, furniture, pillows, etc. in a variety of styles using rubber stamps and other craft techniques.

Decorative Stamping: Hundreds of Projects for Your Home; Sasha Dorey; Hardcover $13.27 (30% off)
A step-by-step guide showing how to stamp various surfaces around the home; includes over 40 design templates.

Decorative Stamping for the Home; Michelle Powell; Paperback $11.96 (20% off)
Ten original projects for the home presented step-by-step, by Rubber Stampede's head designer.

The Decorative Stamping Sourcebook: 200+ Designs for Making Stamps to Decorate Your Home; Juliet Bawden; Hardcover $17.49 (30% off)
This book contains 200 templates to trace to make your own stamps, and also has tips and ideas for stamping on wood, ceramics, glass, and more.

Decorative Stenciling & Stamping Decorative Stenciling & Stamping: A Practical Guide; Annie Sloan; Hardcover $13.27 (30% off)
Shows various stencilling, as well as stamping techniques, for decorating your home.

The Home Decorator's Stamping Book; Linda Barker, Lizzie Orme; Hardcover $19.57 (30% off)
This book gives you information on materials and techniques needed, special effects and color schemes, and includes projects for specific rooms in your house such as the kitchen and the bedroom.

Stampcraft: Dozens of Creative Ideas for Stamping on Cards, Clothing, Furniture and More; Cari Haysom; Paperback $15.96 (20% off)
More than 40 projects are included, mainly home decor; the emphasis is on individual pieces, but photo spreads also show whole rooms that have been decorated with the projects.

Stamping: Beautiful Ways to Decorate Paper, Fabric, Wood, and Ceramics; Juliet Bawden; Paperback $11.96 (20% off)
The author shows you how to make your own unique rubber stamps -- out of erasers, food, linoleum, sponges, etc.-- to decorate items around your home in a folk-art style.

NEW! Stamping Made Easy (Made Easy Series); Susan Penny (Editor), Martin Penny (Editor); Hardcover $9.07 (30% off)
Step-by step projects including wall tiles and pillowcases; also shows you how to carve stamps from potatoes and how to print with your bare hands.

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Rubber Stamping: History & Sources
If you'd like to learn more about rubber stamps themselves, or find even more places to buy them, these books will help.

The Rubber Stamp Album; Joni Miller, Lowry Thompson; Paperback
This is a real classic, if you can find it. It's out of print and some of the stamp company info is outdated, but summarizes the history of rubber stamps and has examples of mail art.

Rubber Stamp Sourcebook 2: A Complete Guide to the World of Rubber Stamp Delights, Images, Projects, Sources, & More; David Ward; Paperback $21.95
Almost encyclopedic, this book contains pages of stamp designs from various companies, an extensive rubberstamping bibliography, and contact info for stamp companies, clubs, and stores.

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Rubberstamp Kits
For these on a budget or looking for gifts, these complete kits usually include stationery and instructions as well as the stamps themselves.

Make Your Own Valentines!: A Book & Rubber Stamp Kit; Felicia Bond; Hardcover $9.95 plus surcharge
Includes the storybook Four Valentines in a Rainstorm as well as a stamp kit and 25 valentine cards to decorate.

Native American Rock Art Native American Rock Art: A Petroglyph Stamp Kit for All Ages; Judith Dupre; Paperback $19.96 (20% off)
The Native American petroglyph stamps in the kit come with a booklet that not only details the history and meaning of rock art, but also tells you how to use the stamps for different projects, including using them to impress designs in salt dough.

Rubber-Stamp Art:Funstation; Susan Niner Janes; Hardcover $15.37 (30% off)
Aimed at kids, this kit contains everything needed for 25 unique projects from jewelry to decorating their bedroom.

The Deluxe Stamp-A-Love Note: Book & Rubber Stamp Kit; Judy Ritchie, Kate Schmidt, Jamie Kilmartin; Hardcover $17.50 (30% off)
Stamp-A-Birthday: Book & Rubber Stamp Kit; Judy Ritchie, Kate Schmidt, Judy Pelikan; Hardcover $17.50 (30% off)
Stamp-A-Christmas: Book & Rubber Stamp Kit; Judy Ritchie, Kate Schmidt, Jamie Kilmartin, Judy Pelikan; Hardcover $17.50 (30% off)
Stamp-A-Greeting: Book & Rubber Stamp Kit; Judy Ritchie, Kate Schmidt, Jamie Kilmartin; Hardcover $17.50 (30% off)
These kits contain everything you need to create hand-stamped cards, stationery, gift wrap, and other items; line drawings show the steps, and full-color photos display the finished projects.

The Victorian Stationery Stamp Kit: A Distinguished Personal Stationery Portfolio to Bring Back the Golden Age of Letter Writing to All Your Correspondence; Alison Jenkins; Hardcover
New; available March '99

West African Symbols: Adinkra: 31 Rubber Stamps; Mimi Robinson; Paperback $17.96 (10% off)
This kit includes not only rubber stamps, but also a well-designed booklet that explains the history and meaning of the symbols.

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Craft Tools
Search Amazon.com for Dremel rotary tools and more for your craft and mixed-media creations!

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Art & Craft DVDs
Learn how to do that technique you've always wondered about!
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