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General Ordering Information
International Customers
Copyright and Usage Information
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General Ordering Information

Secure Shopping Cart
Our secure shopping cart accepts American Express, Visa and Mastercard.
This is the easiest way to order; just click on the button below the item you want to order. When you're almost done shopping, please go to our shipping page and add shipping and/or sales tax; the cart won't add it automatically and we can't send orders out until you pay shipping! If you forget, we'll add the appropriate shipping charge or sales tax on your order. Our shopping cart is run by Americart.

Printable Order Form
If for some reason you can't access the shopping cart, we also have a cheesy print order form that you can print out and fill in.
If you can't print the order form out, all is not lost! Just write the necessary information on a scrap of paper.
It is very important that you write your name and address as legibly as possible. We can't send your stamps out unless we know where to!
Also (legibly) write down the quantity, item number, price, and description of each item desired.
If you're using a credit card (American Express, Mastercard or Visa), please fill in the necessary information and either fax to (310) 943-2167 or mail to:
Lost Angeles Rubber Works
Pmb #403
8306 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

If you just want to mail your order to us, checks (drawn on an U.S. bank) are cool. If you'd like your order a little faster (we give checks time to clear) send a U.S. postal money order. Please make checks, money orders, etc. out to Lost Angeles Rubber Works. Cash is accepted too, but risky to send through the mail.

If you're ordering unmounted dies, please specify this. Unmounted dies are half the price of mounted stamps . To figure your costs, add up the unmounted prices before figuring tax, shipping, etc. Shipping on unmounted is the same as for mounted.

Shipping costs depend on the subtotal (of all items ordered, before adding sales tax). The following shipping rates are for U.S. customers only.

If your order is under $25.00, add $5.50
Orders $25.00-50.00, add $6.95
Orders $50.00-100.00, add $8.95
Orders over $100.00, add $10.95

If you're lucky enough to live in California, you're unlucky enough to have to pay sales tax. Use your local rate. If unsure, use 9.25%.

Please double-check your figures! An incorrect amount can delay your order.

Print catalog packets are $5.95 postpaid, or you can download the PDF version at no charge.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery at the worst (but we're usually much faster than that!)

Shipping Times and Methods
Currently we usually ship out Tuesday, also Thursday during times of high ordering volume. We try to ship out the nearest shipping day after receiving your payment, so hopefully you will receive your order in a week or so (please note, mailed-in orders and check orders take longer). Shipping may be slightly delayed when we are going to a show. If an item is back-ordered, it will take longer, but we will try to contact you in that case. We have no control over USPS and UPS shipping times; expect to wait a little longer during the holiday season. Smaller orders will usually be shipped USPS, larger orders (starting around $50) will usually be shipped UPS. Please give us a UPS-shippable street address for larger orders.

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International Customers

Shipping out of the U.S. costs more, due to ridiculously high international postal rates. Sorry about that! We may need to increase shipping fees if order includes items heavy for price (like paper or Style Stones). Contact us if you need an estimate.

Customers from Canada and Mexico, please add 50% more to your shipping charges. This works out as follows:

If your order is under $25.00, add $8.25
Orders $25.00-50.00, add $10.45
Orders $50.00-100.00, add $13.45
Orders over $100.00, add $16.45

All other countries, please double shipping charges. This works out as follows:

If your order is under $25.00, add $11.00
Orders $25.00-50.00, add $13.90
Orders $50.00-100.00, add $17.90
Orders over $100.00, add $21.90

Print catalog packets are $8.00 postpaid for overseas customers, or you can download the PDF version at no charge.

Orders must be paid for with U.S. funds only! International money orders (in U.S. dollars) are acceptable, as are Mastercard and Visa. U.S. currency is also acceptable, but remember that money is sometimes stolen out of the mail. To be safer, do not enclose coins! Please make checks, etc. payable to Lost Angeles Rubber Works.

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Copyright and Usage Information

All the rubber stamp designs you see on these pages (as well as in our print catalog) are ©2009 Lost Angeles Rubber Works. Some of the designs (created by Dan McClintock, and noted on the appropriate pages) are also © Dan McClintock. His designs can be used under the same conditions as Lost Angeles' other stamp designs. Dan McClintock can be contacted through Lost Angeles Rubber Works (see the contact info at the bottom ). The remainder of the designs are either created by Kendra Harness, modified from clip art, or created by other artists (noted on the same page as the stamp art).

We're an "Angel Company". When you buy one of our stamps, you also get limited rights to use our designs for personal use and resale.
You can use these stamps for hand stamping on art objects or craft items you plan to sell, such as cards, T-shirts, etc. There are no limits on how many items you can make as long as you hand stamp only.
You can not reproduce these designs mechanically or electronically (photocopying, etc.) without our permission. The online and print catalogs are not meant to be used as clip art, so such things as photocopying or scanning the print catalog or trying to print the online images for purposes of clip art are forbidden. The online images will print out as crappy pixelated messes anyway, so don't bother trying. :-)
If you have any questions, please email us. If you would like to use one of our designs in print media or other media sich as a flyer, you need to contact us. We can negotiate terms, and we will take action on copyright violations.
If you came here from an outside source and would like to explore our site, please click here to view our site properly (with frames), or go to our index page.

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Wholesale, Grab Bags, Contact Info, Returns, Etc.

Yes, we sell wholesale. We only sell mounted stamps to wholesale customers (no unmounted, ABC kits, or grab bags, no stamping supplies, no stamps from other companies). Print catalog packets are $5.95 postpaid, or you can download the PDF version at no charge.

Grab Bags are retail only. Unmounted Grab Bags are available for $6 and $1.50 shipping and handling. There are about 10 stamps in each bag (worth at least $30) and range from cute to weird to decorative. Definitely not your usual cute stuff, but then, this is why we call ourselves alternative.
A limited quantity of "ugly" mounted grab bags are now available. These are mounted stamps, of a variety of designs, that are stained and/or mis-indexed. They aren't very pretty to look at, but print well. You get $60 worth of mounted stamps for $21.50 (including postage).
We now have a limited quantity of wood grab bags in 3 different size assortments: Large, Medium, and Small for $26.50 (including postage). To order any of our grab bags, click here.

Retail customers can order any image unmounted (no wood, no cushion, just the naked die) for half price. Just let us know on the order form. Shipping is the same as for mounted.

Returns: We want you to be happy with our stamps. If for some reason you are not, please let us know and we'll try to work something out. We do accept returns, but please order carefully. If a stamp is defective or we sent you the wrong stamp, please return them and we'll either send you a replacement or give you a refund. Items must be returned in clean, unused, resalable condition (with the exception of defective merchandise). Sealed items such as inkpads must be still sealed. Shipping and handling is not refundable.

Here's how to contact us:

Lost Angeles Rubber Works
Pmb #403
8306 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
email: larw@larubberworks.com
fax: (310) 943-2167

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