Lost Angeles Rubber Works Order Form
Pmb #403, 8306 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills CA 90211 USA

Fax: (310) 943-2167

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Price codes- AA:$6.75, A:$7.25, B:$8.00, C:$8.75, D:$9.50, E:$10.25, F:$10.90, G:$13.00, H:$15.50, I:$17.80, J:$19.95, K:$22.95
Unmounted prices - AA: $2.70, A:$3.05, B:$3.50, C:$3.95, D:$4.50, E:$5.00, F:$5.45, G:$6.50, H:$7.75, I:$8.90, J:$9.95, K:$11.40
Additional catalog packs (including ASLstamp catalog and main catalog) are $5.95 each, partial refund (8.00 outside USA). .Supplement is available N/C for a LSASE or 2 International Reply coupons.

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(for U.S. retail orders under $25, shipping is $5.50; $25-50 is $6.95; $50-100 is $8.95; over $100 is $10.95. Other countries are higher -- please see ordering info page. Check/MO orders with insufficient shipping may be delayed.)

Add up for total (please figure very carefully) ____________________________________________

Please make checks/money orders payable to Lost Angeles Rubber Works.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery in the U.S. (but we usually move faster than that!)
Any questions? Please see (you guessed it) the ordering info page or email larw@larubberworks.com.
Need more space? Just write on the back of this form.
For help, please email larw@larubberworks.com.

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