Rubber Stamp Print Catalog

Only have a text browser? Want to see the designs better before ordering?
¡New! PDF printable catalogs available to download!

Our full (paper) catalog pack is only $5.95 ($8.00 US funds overseas), partially refundable, and contains all the designs from the site. It also includes the Sign Language stamps catalog (from and the supplies flyer from, and sign language items.
Please note: These catalogs are meant to help you choose the stamps you want. They are not to be copied from, as all our stamp designs are copyrighted by Lost Angeles Rubber Works. If you would like to use our images as something other than a stamp, contact us for licensing details. Many of our images are already printed on T-shirts, cards, and other cool items at: Lost Angeles Image Works and ASLstuff 4 You. Thanks for understanding!

To send a $5.95 (or $8.00 in US funds) check/money order for the full catalog, use:
Lost Angeles Rubber Works
PMB #403
8306 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills CA 90211

To fax in your catalog order, send your credit card and address information to 310-943-2167.
We need the CC number (AmEx, MC or Visa), name as it appears on card, billing address, and CVV number (3- or 4- digit number on back of card (sometimes front for AmEx).
To order via credit card on our shopping cart, use the link below:

CAT Full Catalog $5.95 (includes postage, partially refundable, U.S. only)
CAT-F Full Catalog $8.00 (includes postage, overseas shipping)

Sign Language Rubberstamp Catalog
The Sign Language stamp catalog is also available by itself for $1.50 ($2.50 US funds overseas). Please send payment to the address above, or if you really MUST use your credit card, please either fax information to 310-943-2167 or use the link below:
SIGNCAT Sign Stamps Catalog $1.50 (includes postage, U.S. only)
SIGNCAT-F Sign Stamps Catalog $2.50 (includes overseas shipping)

If you have any questions, please email us!